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3 2 1...ACTION!!! (Levi X Eren) Part 2
" 3,2,1 AND ACTION!!!"
"My name is Zoe Hanji, a section commander for the scouts." Said Hanji as she, Eren, Mike and 2 other soldiers were walking down a hallway to the court room. "This is a fellow commander in the scouts, Mike Zacharias." Mike approached Eren and sniffed him like a dog, Eren cringed uncomfortably. In the back, you could see the director trying prevent herself from laughing. "Oh~ Don't mind him, he has habit of giving new people a sniff." Mike nodded his head and smiled, satisfied. "Tends to laugh trough his nose a bit, but that aside, he is a skilled section commander."
"You really wrote this?" Carissa (the assistant) muttered to Lindia (the director) as she was holding the camera. She gave a 'are you out of your mind' look. Lindia laughed softly and muttered:"Hanji Zoe is a bubbly character, I needed to make this walk humorous a bit."
The scene carried on until Hanji arrived in front of the court's doors. "Oh Poo, I spoke too much were already here. I
:iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 272 7
3 2 1...ACTION!!! (Levi X Eren) Part 1
"Levi, you’re almost up for the next scene! Go change now!" called Carissa, assistant of the movie director Lindia. She waved her hand over to the changing rooms. A short man around the size of 160 cm was leaning back in a chair and staring at the stage before him with his bored eyes. He wore black squared glasses and had black raven hair. His face was expressionless and he looked very serious. He glanced at the assistant.
"Alright I’ll be there in a sec." he replied in his monotone voice as he got out of his chair and made his way to the changing rooms.
"Oh! And here is the script!" Carissa said as she handed him a piece a paper with a bunch of scribbles on it, Levi furrowed his eyebrows at the sight.
"Carissa! I need your assistance!" Called director Lindia from her shooting chair.
"We cut the scene to only a few minutes, so we took out part 2 and 3." She explained quickly before hurrying to the director.
"Alright…" Levi replied re-reading the changed script.
:iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 369 9
Behind Life is Love (Levi X Reader Chapter 4)
Strange Dreams Your P.O.V

This chapter might be a little confusing at first with the sudden change of scenario but when you finish reading the whole thing, it should be more clear! ^^

Heart beating fast, the world is spinning faster than you can see it. Your life flashes in front of you; you are filled with so many mixed emotions. However, one stand out the most: sorrow.
You look in front of you, the trees, the sky, the ocean is colorless, you see instruments playing, but there is no sweet tone, only the cries of sorrow, the pain filling your heat, your mind, and your soul. Teary eyes, aching mind, a wave of pain fills you, you look down and see a deep but in your right hip squirting blood everywhere. You cry, but no one replies, you scream but no one is alive. You fall onto your knees, only to get another stab i
:iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 179 27
Behind Life is Love (Levi X Reader Chapter 3)

Your True Self

It was night time, time for supper. You walked down the hall to go to the dining room. 
"_____!" A voiced called your name behind you, it was Petra, she was hurrying towards your direction.
"Hey Petra!" You said smiling as she caught up to you.
"I just finished checking in on the wounded soldiers, their all holding up just fine." She stated happily.
You sighed in relief. Thank Goodness no one was injured that badly, you couldn't take another death, it was just to depressing. When you thought about death the image of the dead solider from this morning came back to your thoughts. You frowned. You felt somewhat guilty for not being able to save that solider's life. You felt grief too. Just imagine that soldier's family! Imagine how they will feel once they learn about his death...
Petra seemed to noticed your sudden change of expression,she then said softly looking at the ground:
"Living risky lives are normal when y
:iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 179 25
Floral Green Beauty by FanficLoverArtMaster Floral Green Beauty :iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 48 10
Eren X Reader|The Outside World Between Us
The Outside World Between Us
I am a monster
I am a beast
No one understands me...
No one understands me...
But we are the same...
And we understand each other...
Is this fate?
Is this love?
Your backstory:

When you were 13, you had a dream of what was life like behind the walls, you dreamed of dreamy green grass, trees, blue sky, birds chirping, flowers blooming and the shining sun burning to show off it's light.
You are the "chosen one" of Mother Nature to show the trapped humanity inside the walls the beauty and wonder of Nature...
You d
:iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 154 11
Behind Life is Love (Chapter 2 Levi X Reader)

Bleeding Soldiers Part 2

Everything was going pretty well until a rumbling sound struck. "A titan!" The solider screamed as he pointed to a 15m titan running towards your direction.
"Well shit." You muttered.
You saw a opening between 2 houses that were crushed, they had an open wide enough for a person, so you gently placed the wounded solider there being careful not to make his bleeding leg bend. You handed him another cloth as you saw the bleeding getting even worse.
"Here in case if it bleeds out." You said quickly before you drew out your blades to face the giant titan.
You felt a bit a fear as you thought about how tall it was but you got a grip and flew to the roof to leap to slice it's nape. You headed full speed as you aimed for the nape, but as you were just above the nape, the titan bend over causing you to miss. Surprised, you swung past the titan and almost hit the roof edge, luckily, you landed on the roof without getting injured.
:iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 97 8
Behind Life is Love (Levi X Reader Chapter 1)
Bleeding Soldiers Part 1
"Hei-chou I brought reinforcements!" said Petra as she and the some members of the squad landed on the roof, including you.
You were in that squad, the Levi squad. Along with Eld and Gunther you followed Petra to see Captain Levi as the reinforcements.
"Petra, go and relieve the soldiers on the ground." Levi ordered. "The rest of you, join the attack on the right."
"I'll take care of the ones on the left." He said before leaping onto another roof and then flying away to the 2 titans on the left side.
"Hei-chou!" Petra screamed but he already flew far away fr
:iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 131 27
Rewinding Time Ch.8 MCSM-Shipping-
-AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!! Lukas screamed as he fell on the ground again, with Axel crushing him. >.< Ouch!
Jesse, Petra and Ivor fell into a pond. Harper and Olivia landed on a tree. And Axel and Lukas, Er-you know what happened. Harper and Olivia started to climb off the tree, they were being careful not to step on any lose branches. Petra swam as fast as she could to get out of the pond, she didn't like getting wet. She groaned in frustration as she shakes off some water and mud.
-Argh! This is going to take awhile to get this off of me! Petra complained.
Jesse and Ivor both swam out of the pond as well. They tried to shake of the water. Meanwhile, Lukas was struggling to break free from Axel's heavy squash. Axel looked down and saw Lukas, with an annoyed face, trying to break free from his er-you know...
-Axel GET OFF!!!! Lukas screamed!
Axel jumped back surprised and got off Lukas. Lukas inhaled deeply, trying to breath. Axel and Lukas both glared at each other an
:iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 2 8
Waterfall Dreams by FanficLoverArtMaster Waterfall Dreams :iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 24 24 Do you see this? by FanficLoverArtMaster Do you see this? :iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 8 16 It's SAILOR MOOOON! by FanficLoverArtMaster It's SAILOR MOOOON! :iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 13 3 Reflecto Sketcho!!! by FanficLoverArtMaster Reflecto Sketcho!!! :iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 17 8 Ask 2 Wild Kratts Bros by FanficLoverArtMaster Ask 2 Wild Kratts Bros :iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 7 12 ASK 1: MCSM LUKESSE Lukas kiss Jesse? by FanficLoverArtMaster ASK 1: MCSM LUKESSE Lukas kiss Jesse? :iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 4 13 Ask My Fav Fandoms! And me! X3 by FanficLoverArtMaster Ask My Fav Fandoms! And me! X3 :iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 9 15
This is were I watch my AOT episodes if you are wondering...…

Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?
Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

I am on a writing spree~! ;)


Hey look it's Brady! by Nikki-Smurfling Hey look it's Brady! :iconnikki-smurfling:Nikki-Smurfling 2 15 Seehorse by Nikki-Smurfling Seehorse :iconnikki-smurfling:Nikki-Smurfling 2 2 Whaddaya Mean This App Sucks? by Nikki-Smurfling Whaddaya Mean This App Sucks? :iconnikki-smurfling:Nikki-Smurfling 2 52 Uzumaki Naruto Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Uzumaki Naruto Fan Button :iconbuttonsmaker:ButtonsMaker 778 116 Kakashi to Naruto by teamsugoi1 Kakashi to Naruto :iconteamsugoi1:teamsugoi1 4,138 328 Survey Corp's Finest by Bev-Nap Survey Corp's Finest :iconbev-nap:Bev-Nap 215 11 Surfer!Levi by Bev-Nap Surfer!Levi :iconbev-nap:Bev-Nap 390 64 Tears by harumishi Tears :iconharumishi:harumishi 199 33 [Attack on Titan] Christa by Julie7770 [Attack on Titan] Christa :iconjulie7770:Julie7770 104 11 Pay Attention by Bev-Nap Pay Attention :iconbev-nap:Bev-Nap 438 132 Levi Ackerman - No Name + speedpaint by HerzyDIshtar Levi Ackerman - No Name + speedpaint :iconherzydishtar:HerzyDIshtar 190 21 Levi, humanity's strongest! by Anna-Knightley Levi, humanity's strongest! :iconanna-knightley:Anna-Knightley 131 27 Levi! by Anna-Knightley Levi! :iconanna-knightley:Anna-Knightley 102 9 Once Upon A Levi... by toothblade007 Once Upon A Levi... :icontoothblade007:toothblade007 21 6 Eren Yeager by toothblade007 Eren Yeager :icontoothblade007:toothblade007 31 15 Annie Leonhardt by Diabolica669 Annie Leonhardt :icondiabolica669:Diabolica669 19 2
Love these art styles~ :D

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